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So basically it’s my birthday on Sunday. I wrote a book. It’s a collection of four short fantasy stories, each about different people and their struggles to get through their daily lives. I decided that, since it’s my birthday on Sunday, I’d subvert the whole present thing and give my book away, because the thought of people reading it is frankly as cool as it gets.

So if you click the link and head to Amazon, you can get my book for free. Once you have it, it’s yours, forever or until Amazon unleash their Skynet plan to take over the world and all purchases become void. There’s no DRM so you can safely back it up and avoid that, ensuring the gift of reading survives into the post-Apocalyptic future.

I figure nobody on here knows me so you have no way of knowing whether or not it’s any good, which is why I’m giving it to you. If you enjoy it at all, please share it either on your page or to your friends. If a bunch of people have got it by Sunday, I’ll be immensely happy. Even if you don’t want to read it right now, just get it on Amazon because after this week I might be consumed by greed and never be this charitable again. But hopefully not.

Thank you for reading this post, and thank you if you download my Ebook, Thank you even more if you reblog this; it’d be more than I could really hope for.


“A lot of people do dislike Sansa, and they dislike her from the books so I guess I’m doing my job hopefully well. But sometimes the dislike goes a bit too far and people say horrible things about Sansa that they want to happen to her. Sometimes it goes too far, and it upsets me because then I kind of feel like, ‘Am I making her too annoying?’ Like, people want to kill her? Really? So, um, it hurts.” - Sophie Turner

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Most of the time I sort of forget she exists these days but how can someone look this ridiculously perfect just standing around on set?

Why is Robert fanart invariably the best?